Renovated bookstore to be a little less gay

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The goal of this summer’s renovation of the Brown Bookstore is to make the shop “a little less gay,” said Manuel Cunard, the store’s director.

“It’s just a little too gay right now,” he said. “You can practically slice the homoeroticism in there with a knife.”

Cunard said specific renovations to the bookstore will include repainting the walls a darker color, renaming the “Travel Lit” sections something “a little more hetero” and eliminating the campus clothing store.

In addition, Cunard said, scholarly journals will no longer be sold.

When asked if the “Gay and Lesbian Studies” section would be removed, Cunard replied: “What’s gay about that?”

Just kidding! Our job is accurately covering the Brown community. Except on April Fools’ Day.