Letters to the Editor

Letters: Clocking the hours, ringing the bells

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

To the Editor:

Thanks for bringing the plight of Carrie Tower to light (“Symbol of love stands silent after 107 years,” Oct. 4). Some corrections, however: The University Hall bell has always summoned students to class, while the chime in Carrie Tower signaled the hour until the students in Hope College complained that it interfered with their sleep. It was then adjusted to not ring during sleep hours.

It has been a couple of decades since the hands of the tower’s clock were frozen in time, awaiting repair.

Another interesting note: Money was once donated for the installation of a carillon in honor of Lucian Sharpe 1893, but somehow, it was never forthcoming.

Peter Mackie ’59

Sports Archivist

To the Editor:

How about a full story on the Carrie Tower followed by a serious drive to restore what appears to be an irreplaceable treasure? How much would be needed for the whole works?

Elizabeth Baecher ’57