Letters to the Editor

Letter: Pet ownership should not be taken lightly

Sunday, November 20, 2011

To the Editor:

Although it may be fun, cool and “a big pull for the ladies,” pet ownership should not be taken lightly (“Partygoers beware, a Greek gator lurks,” Nov. 16). I volunteer at a rescue that takes in those “definitely spur of the moment” pets when people, often students, are through with them. I can hardly describe the shape some of the animals are in after students let them go or leave them in their rooms once they have left.

Pets, and especially exotics like rabbits, hedgehogs and amphibians require special care, food and habitats. One person quoted in the article said, “I’m sure (the seller) got rid of it because it was so heinously mean.” No, not mean, scared to death! “Sometimes Kugel was messy. When the suitemates returned one night after a fire alarm, they found Kugel, an African pygmy hedgehog, had defecated and urinated all over,” said one person in the article. The poor thing was probably traumatized by the event.

The “best way to have a pet is when you’re a senior and you’re eligible to live off campus,” said an administrator. “Find a landlord who is pet-friendly, and have your dog with you.” That is fine, but plan to take that dog with you when you leave Brown and go on to your next adventure. Pet ownership is for the life of the pet, not just for your fun and amusement while at college.

Dorothy Hitt