Letters to the Editor

Letter: Corporation should reconsider name change

Friday, September 21, 2012


To the Editor:

An informative, well-written piece on the renaming of Lincoln Field (“From swamp to Simmons: Lincoln, a legacy,” Sept. 19). The Corporation decision is truly unfathomable and incredibly misguided. Professor of Latin John Larkin Lincoln 1836 embodied character and stood for great teaching. To eliminate an honored name that has endured since 1880 when there are more appropriate ways to recognize former president Ruth Simmons’ tremendous accomplishments – the Walk is one – is the height of folly. It is an affront to history and reminds us that nothing at Brown is truly in perpetuity, even though we pride ourselves in our longevity and permanence.

The Corporation should revisit its well-intentioned tribute, and if it does not, Ruth Simmons should have the good sense to insist that, at minimum, the name be shared – Ruth Simmons Quadrangle on Lincoln Field.

Peter Mackie ’59

  • Anonymous

    It’s all about Ms. Popularity, for Ms. Popularity herself, and for Thomas Tisch, who does not perform the leadership role which he gave to himself, and has been content to piggy-back off her.

  • Olafur Gislason '74 P'06

    Dear Mr. Mackie,

    I hadn’t written a letter on the subject yet, but I thank you for pointing out the obvious, the field already has a name that honors an important person that made a differnce historically in Brown community. I wouldn’t rename anything there, and, at the rate Brown is building new facilities, an appropriate opportunity to name a facilty after our esteemed President Emeritus will soon present itself.