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U.’s endowment sees lowest return since ’09

Senior Staff Writer
Friday, October 19, 2012

  • Anonymous

    Beppie- NO excuses. I could have made 1% with my eyes closed. The fact that our endowment is not as large as some other universities means we can be more “nimble” and there is less to keep a close watch on. Where did we suffer losses this year ?
    D Snyder ’71, MD ’75

  • Anonymous

    All this means is that Ruthie’s investment pals working for our corporation need to be replaced, pronto. Should be the new administration’s first move. No time like the present.
    Douglas L Turner ’54

  • Reality Check

    Wonderful- the highest paid employee in the entire University got us the same percentage I can get on a $1,000 money market account at a local bank.

    Good money after bad.