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UCS strategizes athlete integration

Senior Staff Writer
Wednesday, November 7, 2012

 Members of the Undergraduate Council of Students spoke to representatives from the Student Athletic Advising Committee, Ryan McDuff ’13 and Lindsay Nickel ’13, as well as Director of Athletics Jack Hayes, at their weekly meeting. The guests presented an agenda to promote the greater integration of student-athletes into campus life.

“How do we get athletics more mainstreamed … how do we get student-athletes to be more involved in non–athletic events?” Hayes asked. “We should make the assumption that the more events that student-athletes go to on campus that are not athletic-related, the better chance there will be that more students will want to go to games.” 

McDuff brought up an initiative dubbed “Goldie Event of the Month” that is being proposed by SAAC, which will organize athlete attendance of on-campus events.

Following these speakers, Daniel Pipkin ’14 proposed two amendments to the Undergraduate Finance Board constitution. One amendment used the UCS constitution as an outline for removing inactive members. The other proposed the public release of funds allocated during spring budgeting at the start of the next academic year to increase the transparency of UFB. Both amendments passed without objections from UCS.

The council then preceded to grant Category 1 authorization to new student groups, including the Intercollegiate Finance Journal and Brown Pen Pals. The Food Recovery Network was granted Category S status. The Brown Human Rights Report was recategorized to Category 2 and may allocate its $200 of funds to website upkeep. Brown Students for Justice of Palestine was moved from Category 2 to Category 3 without objection.


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