Diamonds and Coal

Diamonds and Coal, Dec. 7

Friday, December 7, 2012

A diamond to Dean of the College Katherine Bergeron, who broke into an unexpected but well-received beatbox jam session at the Midyear Completion Celebration last Saturday. We think there’s an untapped market for your vocal percussion skills. Do you do bar mitzvahs, too?

Coal to Nigerian-German singer Nneka, who told The Herald, “I don’t feel like singing ‘love me, love me, baby, baby’ would bring us anywhere.” But we’ve had such success using that line at the GCB.

Coal to David Washington ’07 MD’11, who said of his participation in the concert last Friday featuring Med School students and faculty members, “Medicine is my profession, but music is my mistress.” Rumor has it Dean Bergeron feels the same way about university administration and beatboxing.  

Cubic zirconia to the University for promoting local shopping. The only thing better than a sweater set from Ann Taylor is the experience of purchasing it at the largest carpeted mall in New England.

A diamond to Stephen Lassonde, deputy dean of the College and chair of the Committee on Academic Standing, who said of helping students who need academic support, “Now we also meet in places like the (Nelson) Fitness Center and Third World Center so that students can feel more comfortable about seeking help.” We’ve heard the J. Walter Wilson bathroom also provides a lovely meeting space.

Coal to author Pamela Lu, who said at a reading, “These days, it’s all just noise or silence, silence or noise.” Clearly she hasn’t spent enough time around Brown students – we believe in spectrums, not binaries.

A diamond to Ian Russell, curator for the David Winton Bell Gallery, who suggested students play with the new “Circle Dance” sculpture by decorating it with “woolly hats” during the winter. We’re sure that’s exactly what the artist intended: to create a central lost-and-found for campus winter wear.

Coal to Golden Crust Pizza, which receives “foody calls” until 4 a.m. – that’s way too late to be introducing yourselves to “new customers and new students,” no matter how good the business.

A crown of pressurized carbon to the brilliant, talented, beautiful women of the 123rd Editorial Board. We know you’ll make us proud next year. Shine bright like a diamond.