Letters to the Editor

Letter: Inviting King to lecture offensive to student

Friday, February 1, 2013

To the Editor:

As a student and alum of Brown University, I am disappointed by the Office of Institutional Diversity’s decision to invite Bernice King to give the Jan. 30 Martin Luther King, Jr. Lecture under the title of “Advancing the ‘Dream’: Addressing Social Equity Issues to Eliminate Health Disparities in the 21st Century.” As she demonstrated in her lecture, hers is not a dream that includes the equity of me, my partner or other LGBTQ people on this campus and in this country.

Of course, the diversity of opinions on a university campus, and on Brown’s campus especially, is sacrosanct. In another context, King should and would be welcomed to campus to describe her passion for equality for non-sexual minorities. But in the context of a program organized by Brown’s Office of Institutional Diversity and in memory of this country’s greatest civil rights hero, her invitation to appear on this campus, whether in spite of her views or in ignorance of them, smarts even more than her words.

Zachary Marcus ’10 MD’16

  • Billyshakes

    How does one say “LGBTQ”?

    Does the say affect the view?

    Would one sit under or on a yew,

    and lisp while attempting an “ew”?

    Would an “ew” on Miss King be proper?

    Cipher her, or tame a shrew?

    Expect us to attend, and not to concur?

    You will get a brrrrh; no rue.

    I am a moral minority:

    “Intro to Congress” envy.

    I withdraw them, or they keep me?

    So many such que(e)ries.