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Today in University history: Feb. 7

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Feb. 7, 2003

The University’s Office of Environmental Health and Safety removed asbestos insulation during winter break from nearly 60 rooms in Wriston Quadrangle, The Herald reported.

Though EHS Director Stephen Morin said asbestos is only dangerous when it is damaged, the University moved quickly to remove the insulation after a broken pipe in Goddard House led to a possible release of asbestos, The Herald reported.

“There’s not a lot of asbestos in dorm rooms,” Morin told The Herald at the time. “We’re actually pretty close to having no asbestos at all in all dorm rooms.”

Feb. 7, 1983

The Herald reported that the entire campus was “left without heat or water” when two of the three boilers broke down earlier in the week.

“Unshowered students shivered in dorm rooms and ate lunch at the Ratty on paper plates with plastic silverware,” The Herald reported.

Students were displeased, calling the outage “a pain,” The Herald reported.


Feb. 7, 1973

Director of Housing Bob Hill and Acting Dean of Student Affairs James Dougherty proposed that upperclassman dorms have proctors, The Herald reported. 

The proctors were intended to act in the same manner as first-year advisers and relay information about dormitory goings-on to administrators.

Some questioned whether the proctors would actually be useful to students and where funding would come from to pay them, The Herald reported.

Feb. 7, 1963

The Cammarian Club defeated a proposal to eliminate the Freshman Week Committee in a 12-8 vote. Four other proposals were passed separately, The Herald reported at the time.

The other proposals included an increase in “spirit-raising” meetings during Freshman Week, mandatory guided tours for all first-years upon their arrival to campus and a “beer party and weiner roast” at the then-new Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology. An amendment was passed, stipulating that the “serving of alcoholic beverages is to be contingent upon the approval of the University.”

The Cammarian Club would later be replaced by the Undergraduate Council of Students.