Letters to the Editor

Letter: Policy overlooks burden on Main Green dorms

Thursday, March 14, 2013

We, the residents of Hope College and Slater Hall, believe Brown Concert Agency should continue to provide those living in our buildings with free Spring Weekend tickets, due to the immense inconvenience we will encounter as a result of the concerts. We have appealed to BCA, but it refuses to consider our case because it believes the “benefits outweigh the costs.” We think this decision was motivated entirely by BCA’s interests and made without considering the lives of those affected.

Spring Weekend has a tremendous negative impact on residents of Main Green dorms, and for this reason, we should receive compensation. We will experience loud noises constantly as the stages are set up, the Special Event Committee’s carnival is held and the concerts themselves take place. During prior Spring Weekends, the buildings have been completely empty during the concerts as the sounds and vibrations are impossible to withstand. These disruptions are likely to compromise our sleep and access to our buildings throughout the week. If we were given tickets, we could escape the buildings and enjoy the concerts — but if the concerts prove as popular as projected, then it is possible that students will be unable to obtain (or afford) tickets. Although we understand the decision, we believe it is unfair that such a small group has to bear the costs for everyone else without being compensated whatsoever. We urge BCA to consider reinstating the free ticket policy out of an understanding of what we will have to endure.

Thirty-two Hope College residents

Il Min Ahn ’15

Dilum Aluthge ’15

Daniel Audette ’15

Hannah Begley ’15

Cassidy Bennett ’15

Selena Buzinsky ’15

Gabriel Castro ’15

Lauren Childress ’15

Hannah Duron ’15

Chris Farrow ’15

Pawel Golyski ’15

Michael Hoffmann ’15

Phoebe Hopkins ’15

Erin James ’15

Max Kaplan ’15

Louisa Kellogg ’14.5

Clara Kliman-Silver ’13

Shirley Leung ’15

Alexander Meade ’15

Alexandra Nuttbrown ’15

Samuel Paci ’15

Emma Russo ’15

Alexandra Seclow ’15

Adam Scherlis ’15

Chase Shaffar-Roggeveen ’15

Supreeti Sharma ’15

Libby Stein ’15

Julia Telzak ’15

Whiting Tennis ’15, Hereald Contributing Writer

Margaret Thorson ’15

Anders Weiss ’15

Seong Won Kim ’15


Fifty-one Slater Hall residents

Haley Alvarez ’15, Herald Contributing Writer

Winifred Andersen ’14

Paavan Bhavsar ’14

Philip Bold ’14

Nia Campinha-Bacote ’15

Nicole Cacozza ’14

Jennifer Casey ’15

Minji Cha ’14

Michelle Chang ’14

Haoyu Chen ’14

Ji Won Choi ’14

Lauren Colwell ’15

Perry Feldman ’15

Emmet Golden-Marx ’13

Jesse Golden-Marx ’13

Lily Gutterman ’14

Maria Hernandez ’14

Kevin Hutchins ’14

Christina Kata ’14

Laura Katz ’14

Tomonobu Kumahira ’14

Alexander Kurihara ’14

Molly Lao ’13

Valerie Langberg ’14

Morgan Lee ’14

Shelby Mack ’14

Ramya Mahalingam ’14

Cia Mathew ’14

Daniel Milstein ’14

Alexa Minc ’14

Bridget Nixon ’14

Christine Pappas ’14

Andrea Radke ’13

Jacob Ramos ’14

Ana Rosenstein ’15

Allison Schaaff ’14

Benjamin Schwartz ’13.5

Xiangjun Shi ’13

Sarah Shin ’14

Mia Stange ’14

Elizabeth Stockman ’14

Yuhe Su ’14

Simon Vecchioni ’13

Lauren Vella ’15

Jixuan Wang ’14

Victoria Wu ’15

Alexander Zacharczenko ’14

Ellen Zahniser ’14

Luyu Zhang ’14

Shuheng Zhang ’14

Yu Zhang ’13

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