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The day after, 12 years later

Senior Staff Writer
Thursday, September 12, 2013

Twelve years ago today, students, faculty members, administrators and staff members were reeling from the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. Below are some of their reactions.


“We need to be enormously open to each other, and good to each other, and not traffic in stereotypes.” — University Chaplain Janet Cooper Nelson in remarks at a campus-wide silent prayer service


“There are regions of the world that we understand not.” — Former President Ruth Simmons in a speech to the community


“Yesterday was our shot heard ’round the world, our Pearl Harbor, our Kennedy assassination.” — an editorial published by The Herald


“Yesterday night, I was incredibly stressed about shopping for classes. Today those worries seem foolish. I am reminded, we are all reminded, that what really matters is our common humanity.” — Joshua Marcus ’04 in a letter to the editor


“We Brown students are taught to become active leaders and attempt to make a difference in this world. Yes, it is a time of sadness for everyone in America, but we can indeed do something to aid the suffering of thousands and make a difference by taking active roles in our lives and also showing unwavering support for our fellow man.” — Adam Greenwood ’03 in a letter to the editor