Athlete of the week: Berg’s boot nets women’s soccer team first Ivy win

The team is off to a fast start, looking to improve on last season’s seventh-place conference finish

Contributing Writer
Friday, October 4, 2013

After going 1-5-1 in Ivy League play last fall, the women’s soccer team looked to make big improvements this year, and Sunday’s Ivy opener against Dartmouth presented an opportunity for the team to begin its redemption. Despite the Big Green’s 6-1 Ivy record from last year, the women managed to topple Dartmouth in a well-fought battle. Kiersten Berg ’14 scored the game’s only goal, and for her impressive effort, The Herald has named her Athlete of the Week.


The Herald: When did you start playing soccer?

Berg: I started in like third or fourth grade, which is really late on most people’s terms.


What makes soccer the “beautiful sport?”

The fact that anybody can play it. Size doesn’t matter, speed doesn’t matter. As long as you have something, you can play the beautiful game of soccer.


Why did you choose to play soccer at Brown?

I was playing with a team at a tournament and the (Brown) coach saw me play, and then I came out for camp and just loved it here.


How did it feel to score against Dartmouth?

I feel like we had just been so focused on this game for almost nine months. It was the first Ivy opener and so to score — it was just such a relief to finally do it. Then there’s 13 minutes left in the game, so we had a good chance of keeping it.


Do you have any goals for your last season?

Win the Ivy championship. It’s been our goal ever since we got here, but senior year is definitely the time to do it.


What is your most memorable soccer moment at Brown?

That’s tough … There’s just so many. All the little things add up. It’s all the bus rides, all the away trips and stuff like that. It is the big games, but there are so many games that it’s just kinda the collection of all the memories.


What is your most memorable moment at Brown?

Our senior class is really close, and just the first day when we all met each other — I feel like I remember that moment so well. We were all sitting in the room and there were 10 of us wide-eyed and just a classic freshman moment. I’ll always remember that room.


What is your favorite class at Brown?

I really liked (ENGL 0600L:) “The Simple Art of Murder” by (Associate) Professor (of English) Drayton Nabers. He is just a genius and he taught all these murder books. But he taught “The Great Gatsby” too, a complete range.


What are your plans for next year?

Hopefully, get a job. If not, I’d obviously love to go play in Europe or something. That might be ambitious but might as well try.