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Three arrested in cell phone robbery

DPS officers apprehended the primary suspect based on a description offered by a witness

Senior Staff Writer
Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Department of Public Safety officers arrested three individuals in connection with a cell phone robbery on Manning Walkway Monday afternoon, said Paul Shanley, deputy chief of police for DPS.

Around 4:35 p.m., an unarmed male suspect approached a student from behind and stole his cell phone, according to a crime alert email sent by DPS.

A bystander who witnessed the incident called DPS and described the suspect, Shanley said. “Within 10 to 15 minutes,” an officer stationed nearby apprehended the suspect near the scene of the crime. The student’s cell phone was recovered, Shanley added.

The suspect, a juvenile whose name could not be released, was charged with three felonies: larceny from a person, conspiracy to commit larceny from a person and extortion.

Upon further investigation, DPS officers charged two additional men with conspiracy to commit larceny from a person in relation to the same incident, though Shanley declined to provide further details. Rico Goncalves, an 18-year-old Providence resident, was held overnight at the Providence police station “pending a court date” scheduled for Tuesday. The other conspirator was another juvenile male, Shanley said.