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104 seniors elected to Phi Beta Kappa

University News Editor
Saturday, April 26, 2014

One hundred and four seniors were elected this week to the Rhode Island Alpha chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s oldest undergraduate academic honor society, Chapter Administrator Mary Jo Foley wrote in an email to The Herald.

Since the College of William and Mary founded the first Phi Beta Kappa chapter in 1776, the society has spread to 283 institutions, according to Phi Beta Kappa’s website. Brown became the seventh university to establish a chapter in 1830.

To be eligible for induction, seniors must have completed at least 28 courses in their first seven semesters, earning an A or S with Distinction in at least 23 of those courses, according to the Brown chapter’s website. At least two-fifths of those courses must fall under the arts, humanities, pure mathematics or social sciences.

The number of seniors selected this year is consistent with past years. One hundred and two seniors were inducted in 2013, and 104 seniors were inducted in 2012, The Herald reported at the time.

Undergraduates are inducted into Phi Beta Kappa three times a year, with no more than one-sixth of a graduating class becoming members, according to the Brown chapter’s website. Juniors are selected in February, seniors are selected in April and seniors who transferred to the University as juniors are selected in May.

Members of the class of 2014 who were selected are as follows:

David Rashi Kremen Adler

Peter Gregory Asimov-Hofmann

Matthew Scott Baker

Lauren Sara Bilsky

Caroline Sarah Bologna

David Borgonjon

Emma Evangeline Stev Brandt

Hannah Helen Braun

Katie Ann Brennan

Marc Andrew Briz

Elizabeth Rine Carr, a former Herald managing editor

Susan Chakmakian

Rukmini Chatterjee

David Hun Chung, a former Herald University news editor

Kimberly Anne Clifton, a former Herald contributing writer

Emily Ruth Conner-Simons

Michael Henry Danielewicz, a former Herald contributing writer

Jonah Michael David

Madeleine S. Denman

Sujaya Bhaskar Desai

Maxwell Thomas Ernst

Valeria Maria Fantozzi Freire

Thomas Paine Finley

Cynthia Fong

Sarah Margaret Friedland

Elizabeth Victoria Fuerbacher, a Herald opinions columnist

Walter Garcia

Pilar Akiko Garcia-Brown

Nicholas James Gaya

Meia Chen Yao Geddes, a former Herald staff writer

Emma Gilsanz

Jacob Eli Hershel Gindi

Jackson L. Golden

Nicole Beth Grabel, a former Herald contributing writer

Hannah Katherine Graham

Ariana Wurst Gunderson

Maxwell Joshua Hannan

Louise Barnett Highleyman

Kathleen Dean Hill

Kathleen Yuanning Hu

Athena Lynn Huang

Erica Julie James

Michael Scott Kardas

Katrina Ann Kardassakis

Christina Elizabeth Kata

Jaclyn Nicole Katz, a former Herald opinions columnist

Megan Elisabeth Keough

Haley Robinson Kossek

Varun Kuchibhatla

Laura Catherine Leddy

Justin Crist Lee, a former Herald director of business development

Ross Lewis Lerner

Chad Robert McAuliffe

Zackery Conner McKenzie

Gayatri Mehra

Nihaal Bhagwati Mehta

Allegra Joie Midgette

Hannah Faye Mirman

Brian Robert Moore

Hannah Rachel Nelson

Daniel Jordan Newmark

Rachel Hope Occhiogrosso, a Herald editorial page board editor

Siri Mackenzie Olson

Katie Anne Hunter Parker

Anna Mae Parmelee

Samuel Sherburne Pearce

Alvina Vadivel Pillai

Wei Jie Jason Poh

Elizabeth Marie Powers

Joshua Caleb Prenner

Alexa Christine Pugh, a former Herald senior editor

John Robert Rady

Elizabeth Stacey Resnick

Gwendolyn Anne Rogers

David Arthur Rosen, a former Herald staff writer

Samuel Edersheim Rosen

Sarah Elizabeth Rubin, a Herald opinions editor

Rachel Pam Sarnoff

Laura Naomi Schneck

Kathryn Anne Schulz

Leela Senthil Nathan

Rongzi Shan

Jeremy Samuel Shar

Maxwell Aaron Sherman

Daniel Eliot Storch Sherrell

Julia Nicole Shube, a former Herald design editor

Peter Taylor Simpson

Lindsay Madeline Sovern

Mia Francesca Stange

Todd Frederick Stong

Amy Jessica Sung

Luke Richard Taylor

Catherine Rose Edith Teitz

Margaret Ayers Tennis, a Herald opinions editor

Yen Jay Tran

Yotam Tubul

Vanessa Mercedes Welten

Victoria Whalen Wilson

Andrea Seifert Wister

Emma Rachel Braucher Wohl, a former Herald arts and culture editor

Ivan Sashev Yanev

Sarah Pik Yu Yip

Cody Joseph Zeger

Luyu Zhang

  • crotchetyalumnus

    So, remind me again: why does the Herald publish this particular list, and not, say, the list of students elected to Sigma Xi or Tau Beta Pi, or who receive departmental honors, or who receive scores in the 99th percentile on the GRE/MCAT/LSAT, or who get jobs at the prestigious tech/finance/consulting company du jour? Perhaps the first step to convincing the university to end the bizarre farce of herding a few dozen students into a conference room to bicker over the relative merits of their peers’ transcripts is to stop dignifying it with any attention. Just a thought…

    • ’13

      heck yes.

    • EliteGuard

      Phi Beta Kappa is the most elite honor society available to university students. Celebrate the achievement.

      • crotchetyalumnus

        That’s not much of an argument. I could start an honor society for BDH comment section regulars and induct you, John Lonergan, and that Islamophobe who posts on every op-ed about Israel and call it “elite”. Should the Herald cover it? Obviously not.

        At Brown, PBK involves a bunch of undergrads getting together in a room and declaring some high-achieving peers worthy and some unworthy, based on uninformed speculation about the difficulty of various courses and concentrations. That’s all. Nothing “elite” about it. It’s a silly, anachronistic exercise that should have gone out the window with the New Curriculum.

        • Alum ’09

          I agree that PBK is a little silly at Brown. PBK has distribution requirements such that many top students at Brown are flat out ineligible for the award in the first place simply because they didn’t fulfill the requirements. Not all, but several of the PBKers I knew had to specifically plan out their coursework around getting PBK.

          To be fair though, Sigma Xi and TBP are noted on the commencement booklets so the university at least certainly puts them right up there with PBK, magna, and concentration honors in terms of the publicity they give it.

          • gross

            Brown’s chapter is one of the oldest, and so it predates the distributional requirements.

          • pbk

            hey the girl who wrote “reduce jail time for white collar crime” is PBK!

        • PBK~

          Your society doesn’t have bizarre official colors like baby blue and pink OR a strange secret handshake. HARDLY elite.

        • whybother

          Oh boy, yes, the world is not perfect and some people might not get the honor, who would have deserved it. But that’s life, grow up! Those students worked very hard and distinguished themselves in many ways from the average student. Unlike a GRE/GMAT/LSAT, PBK is an achievement of four years of hard work. It is not the only honor that counts, but in terms of academics at Brown, it is as prestigious as it gets. Now don’t be bitter and spoil others their honor.

    • gross

      PBK is the oldest and most wide-sweeping of academic honors society (lots of people who are a part of it are scientists). It deserves to be reported on because of its reputation. Don’t belittle it out of some past resentments.

  • hehe


  • glen broemer

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    Typically operating through Puppets–including puppets in the judiciary–the right wing has for decades been committing crimes and trying to classify them to cover them up, a move explicitly forbidden by the Code of Federal Regulations. The right has accomplished its political objectives by presenting a fraction of the evidence to judicial officials who, having seen the pattern dozens of times before, could not help but realize that they were being presented with incomplete and inaccurate information.

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  • Phi Beta Kappa is Racist?

    At the phi beta kappa meeting today, I didn’t see a single person that I read as black. WTF.

    • Read as black?

      You know not all black people have names like these:

      • Phi Beta Kappa is Racist?

        “read as black” as in I can’t know if someone identifies as black unless I ask them. However, I CAN look at someone (within my own normative understanding of what blackness is) and identify them as black. I acknowledge this limitation by saying “that I read as black” instead of “that were black”

  • Brown Senior

    How is this decided? I know there are some guidelines for eligibility, but there have to be many more students that meet those guidelines…