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The punch line: this month in local comedy

Arts & Culture Editor
Friday, September 26, 2014

Les Velda: BEER Party Candidate for President | Courthouse Center for the Arts | Oct. 4

If Providence’s mayoral elections have brought you down, a taste of BEER — Bio-Engineered Experimental Reindeer — might be just what you need. Comedian Les Vilda launched a satirical presidential campaign in the name of the BEER party in 2008. Though he was not elected by the American people, he continues to lampoon political incompetence with his one-man, game show-like debates and his vice presidential candidate, Doug the Monkey Puppet.


The Daily Show Writers Standup Tour | Columbus Theatre | Oct. 11

The brains behind The Daily Show with Jon Stewart will bring the show’s political banter to Providence as part of a nationwide tour. The lineup of writers and producers, including Emmy-nominated actor Travon Free, brings to the stage a comedic background alongside other television fixtures like The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, The Late Show with David Letterman and Comedy Central. A question and answer session with performers will take place after the show.


Paul D’Angelo | Greenwich Odeum | Oct. 11

Paul D’Angelo built a successful career as a lawyer, but once he started moonlighting at comedy clubs, he gained even larger appeal. Since switching paths, he has placed in the national finals during the 1999 San Francisco International Comedy Competition and was dubbed “Boston’s Best Comedian” by Boston Magazine in 1994 and 1995. He will deliver his signature blend of observational humor and fast-paced improvisation as part of the Odeum Comedy Series.


Laughter is the Best Medicine | Weaver Memorial Library | Oct. 21

Though storyteller and comedian Carolyn Martino is first noticeable for the birthmark that covers nearly half her face, it’s her sharp wit and inspiring narratives that make her memorable. Hailed by the Providence Phoenix as “one of Rhode Island’s most influential artists,” Martino’s creativity and spunk has endeared her to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.