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Letter: John Savage — A true educator

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

To the Editor:

I particularly enjoyed your profile of Professor of Computer Science John Savage in the Feb. 28 issue. Of the 30 or so professors I was lucky to have at Brown, he stands apart for his dedication to students. John embodies the best of Brown’s undergraduate focus.

When he first offered what would become known as CSCI 1800: “Cybersecurity and International Relations,” he expected seven or eight students. Roughly 30 of us showed up and crammed into a fifth floor conference room in the Center for Information Technology. Unworried by the throng of students, he delivered a great course that inspired what was then my summer Undergraduate Teching and Research Award and is now my career in security.

Three cheers for Professor Savage! His retirement is well earned, but I have no doubt Brown, and the world, will keep being made better by his wide-ranging mind.

Timothy Peacock ’12