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UCS continues internal elections for three positions

Members elect historian, parliamentarian, chair of academic affairs, three UFB board members

senior staff writer
Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Undergraduate Council of Students continued to hold internal elections to fill three positions in its third general body meeting of the year Wednesday night. The meeting also featured elections to fill three board seats on the Undergraduate Finance Board. Two candidates ran for the chair of academic affairs, while only one student ran for parliamentarian and historian. Seven students ran for the three UFB seats.

Mar Weiss ’20 was elected chair of academic affairs, after Jonathan Powell ’18 resigned from the position after being elected in last week’s general body meeting.

As chair, Weiss, who was a UCS general body member last year, will be responsible for leading a committee of general body members on engaging with the academic curriculum. In her speech, Weiss said she wants to “make a change on campus.”

Austin Lessin ’19 was elected parliamentarian and Morgan Awner ’21 was elected historian.

In his speech for parliamentarian, Lessin referenced his past involvement with UCS. “Having been parliamentarian for UCS the past two years, I have a deep knowledge base I can apply.”

Awner mentioned that her high school experience with student council would make her an effective historian. “I know what it entails to be a historian, to keep track of records,” she said.

Julian DeGeorgia ’20, Daryl Polk ’19 and Aryan Chhabria ’18 were elected UFB board members.

Chhabria and DeGeorgia both held positions last year in UFB, and they ran unsuccessfully for UFB chair and vice chair, respectively, in last March’s general elections .

UFB board members meet with student groups individually to discuss funding and meet as a group to determine the amount of money groups receive from a budget of over $2.1 million.

Like last week, any UCS general body member can run for or vote in the internal elections. Candidates were granted a minute to deliver speeches, and had to wait outside while competing candidates spoke and members deliberated and voted using a Google form.

Next week the council will finish apportioning general body members to its various committees and will hold an ideation session.