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86.1 percent of students support Obama, poll finds

October 31, 2008 0 comments
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Brown undergraduates overwhelmingly support Sen. Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election, according to a Herald poll conducted earlier this week.

Talk describes rise of Brazil and its cars

October 22, 2008 0 comments

The history of the automobile industry in Brazil is inextricably linked to the country’s attempts to modernize and liberalize, Joel Wolfe, a professor at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, told about 40 people in a speech at the Joukowsky Forum last night.

Profs: Grad students needed to match faculty growth

October 16, 2008 0 comments

One of the University’s major initiatives of the past seven years has been increasing the size of the faculty, adding more than 100 professors since 2001. But professors are now expressing concern that the enrollment of graduate students, who assist them in teaching and research, is not keeping pace.

R.I. delegation votes ‘yes’ on bailout package

October 7, 2008 0 comments

Last week, as the financial crisis brought the economy to its knees – in Rhode Island and across the nation – the Ocean State’s four-person Congressional delegation all voted in favor of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, commonly known as the bailout package, with the hopes that it will help avert the worst effects of the crisis.

New program matches grad student awards

October 1, 2008 0 comments

By Anne Simons Senior Staff Writer Twelve graduate students are now receiving extra financial awards from the University, thanks to a new program launched this semester. The Graduate School’s new incentive program is designed to encourage students to apply for external funding by giving them additional awards, Dean of the Graduate School Sheila Bonde said.

SDS marches for aid, Corporation transparency

September 15, 2008 0 comments

Friday afternoon, in the face of a gray sky, cold winds and the threat of rain, members of Students for a Democratic Society protested a perceived lack of transparency from the Corporation. They also demonstrated for a tuition freeze and better compensation for student workers.

Six new classrooms available in New Dorm

September 11, 2008 0 comments

Six newly updated classrooms are now available in Vartan Gregorian Quad Building A for classes, conferences and seminars.

Timing puts Ramadan just before Orientation

September 8, 2008 0 comments

Around 7 p.m. Friday night, Muslim students removed their shoes as they poured into the space beneath the Morriss-Champlin lounge, home of the Brown Muslim Students’ Association. At 7:12 p.m., the official time of sunset, the students munched on their first morsels of food since before dawn – cookies with some water – and then they headed to special mats in one corner of the room, knelt to the ground and faced Mecca.

Neighbors breathe new life into local park

July 21, 2008 0 comments

When Brown students return to Providence this fall, they will find a newly revamped destination for outdoor play, exercise and relaxation just a brief walk north of the Pembroke campus.

U. shining a little too much light

April 24, 2008 0 comments

When Brown installed several 90-foot-tall light posts in the Berylson Family Athletic Complex, College Hill residents were not happy. Neighbors of the fields, located behind the Olney-Margolies Athletic Complex, complained that the lights cast too much glare on surrounding houses and that the University had violated zoning restrictions by building the lights above the allowed heights in the residential neighborhood.

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