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Articles by Caroline Silverman (21)

Good Fellows: ‘Exceptionally good’ year for fellowships

May 24, 2006 0 comments

Scattered among this year’s graduating seniors are winners of a number of prestigious fellowships, including Rhodes, Marshall, Truman and Fulbright scholars. “The Class of 2006 was a particularly committed and exciting group,” said Associate Dean of the College Linda Dunleavy, who works with students on their fellowship applications.

Prof. weighs primary challenge to Carcieri ’65

April 25, 2006 0 comments

Dennis Michaud Ph.D. ’02, adjunct assistant professor of economics, is considering a challenge to Gov. Don Carcieri ’65 in the Republican gubernatorial primary this fall, but he said Carcieri’s “very aggressive” response may convince him “it’s not worth it.

Third World Welcome targets students of color

April 20, 2006 0 comments

Although most prospective first-years who attended A Day On College Hill left campus yesterday, about 135 students of color remained to attend the two-day Third World Welcome program, which began last night and will end this evening.

U. employees on their own when paying parking tickets

April 18, 2006 0 comments

On the cramped streets of College Hill, it is not unusual to see a car or vehicle in violation of parking regulations, whether double-parked or left in an illegal zone.

Administrators detail plans for SciLi study center

April 12, 2006 0 comments

A series of changes to the Sciences Library, tentatively slated to be completed by Spring 2007, will lead to a thorough redesign of the building’s bottom three floors and development of the Friedman Study Center.

Democracy Matters pushes Clean Elections bill at State House

March 21, 2006 0 comments

Students from the Brown chapter of Democracy Matters testified before the State Senate Judiciary Committee on March 7 as a part of their effort to pass Clean Elections legislation, which would allow candidates for state office to publicly finance their campaigns.

SSDP members aim to reinvigorate ACLU

March 13, 2006 0 comments

After continued struggles with dwindling membership, Brown’s American Civil Liberties Union has instated two new leaders – neither of whom had any previous association with the group – in an effort to revitalize its presence on campus.

National Review editor surveys conservative media outlets

March 2, 2006 0 comments

Jay Nordlinger, managing editor of National Review, criticized the tendency of college campuses to “only lean one way” during a lecture on the conservative media and political identity Wednesday night.

Game over

February 26, 2006 0 comments

Leaders of Games House announced their voluntary decision to dissolve earlier this month because of an inability to meet the minimum membership requirement for program houses.

Ward 1 candidates spar over campaign cash

February 16, 2006 0 comments

Ethan Ris ’05 has more money on hand than his opponent, incumbent David Segal, in the Ward 1 City Council race.