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Articles by Danielle Sheridan (3)

The art of refining playmates, courtesy of Khoo ’08

April 26, 2007 0 comments

When most Brown students head to the P.O. to pick up care packages or their weekly subscription to the Economist, Lauren Khoo ’08 discretely slips her copy of Playboy magazine into her handbag.

From painting to sculpture, Weissman ’07 transposes Mondrian

March 19, 2007 0 comments

Bevan Weissman ’07 identifies triptych drip panels as the crux of his senior show, “Mondrian Undone.”

Senior art show seduces, shocks

March 2, 2007 0 comments

At a distance, the nude form could be mistaken for a human one. Her vacant eyes betray a hollow interior, devoid of any signs of life. Her rapturous pose, however, is surprisingly alive – she reclines in orgasmic ecstasy with her arms and head arching backwards.