Emily was the arts & culture section editor at The Herald in 2015. Joining the newspaper team as a freshman, she copy edited and wrote articles as a staff writer, before becoming a senior staff writer also covering arts & culture. Emily is a chemistry concentrator specializing in chemical biology. When not at The Herald, you can find her in lab testing the regenerative qualities of zebrafish vision, with the hope to identify drugs that promote regeneration for human benefit. If not in lab, she may be in the Blue Room, advising first years as a Meiklejohn Leader, or more likely, on the 3rd floor of the SciLi, attempting to study and stay warm. A conversation with Emily is likely to include a comment about the latest episode of RadioLab, or an anecdote from her travels in Europe.

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Arts & Culture

First-year stars in film with Krasinski ’01

October 29, 2012 0 comments

Students may know India Ennenga ’16 as just another member of the freshman class.


City aims to raise recycling with single-stream system

October 11, 2012 0 comments

The first day of October marked the beginning of Providence Mayor Angel Taveras’ new recycling program, which aims to save time, money and the environment while increasing the city’s recycling rate.

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