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Kevin Roose ‘09.5: As the world interns

April 23, 2009 1 comment

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that Brown students love unpaid internships.

Kevin Roose ‘09.5: The case for the A

December 10, 2008 0 comments

If newspaper columns were given letter grades, I’m pretty sure this one would get an A. How could it not? A’s The Herald reported yesterday, a full 75 percent of the letter grades given in Brown’s humanities departments last year were As, with the number of A’s in other disciplines ranging from 58 to 63 percent.

Kevin Roose ’09: The Parents Weekend gospel

October 20, 2006 0 comments

The priests shall blow for them a signal to form the divisions of the battle line. The columns shall be deployed at the sound of the trumpets, until each man has taken his station.

Kevin Roose ’09: The sound of snobbery

October 13, 2006 0 comments

I’ve got a confession to make. At Brown, this confession is akin to admitting at a PETA convention that you harbor a secret hankering for kielbasa, but I’ll make it anyway: I’m not a huge fan of National Public Radio.

Kevin Roose ’09: The unreal OC

September 26, 2006 0 comments

Once in a while, a truly terrible idea comes along.

Kevin Roose ’09: A call to action

April 27, 2006 0 comments

We, the Brown student body, do many things really well. We sing, we paint, we juggle, we write and we compute, all with the same aplomb that got us here in the first place.