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UCS announced initiatives that aim to increase the accessibility of administrators and crucial documents for students at its first meeting.
Andrew Foster, Seth Rockman and Charles Lee discussed questions of faith and morality and their intersection with the American dream.
Last semester, students of color gathered in the Leung Gallery to compile a list of demands to improve the Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan draft.
Tricia Rose captivated the audience at the first in a series of lectures that will explore how structural racism affects virtually all parts of society.
Janet Cooper Nelson heads the Office of the Chaplains and Religious Life. All students — religious or not — can utilize the office’s resources.
Mike Darby ’18 sought treatment for depression but found the faith-based therapist recommended by his mother unhelpful.
An array of graffiti — both legal and illegal — makes its mark on some buildings and alleyways in downtown Providence.
“The course speaks to an area of great need and curiosity on the part of Brown students. There is no other such course on disability studies on campus,” said Bruce Becker, professor at the Alpert Medical School.
Sherri Nelson, director of Counseling and Psychological Services, said the University is committed to eliminating the seven-session limit on CAPS appointments by Fall 2017.
Sean Kelly ’85 delved into the far-reaching influence of S. J. Perelman’s contributions to the world of comedy during a lecture Thursday night.
A capella group Shades of Brown was among several performance groups that lit up the stage Thursday night during Brown’s annual Fall Fest. Other performers included What’s on Tap, Mariachi de Brown and imPulse.
Sazzy Gourley ’16, president of the Undergraduate Council of Students,  brought up a past UCS resolution on mailroom labor at the UCS meeting.
Dana Suskind, University of Chicago professor and author of “Thirty Million Words: Building a Child’s Brain,” and Mayor Jorge Elorza spoke at a panel Monday on the importance of developing children’s vocabularies.
A panel of five administrators responded to student questions submitted online and in person at Wednesday’s open forum on Title IX at Brown.
New York Times columnist Charles Blow addresses a sold-out Salomon 101 Thursday, highlighting the parallels between the Civil Rights Movement and the Black Lives Matter movement.
New general body members of the Undergraduate Council of Students broke into small discussion groups to discuss diversity and other issues.
Though some community members and business owners were upset by the Devin Costa’s graffiti, others, such as Micah Salkind GS, believe that Costa’s work contributes to a dialogue on public art in Providence.