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The computer science department depends heavily on its teaching assistants, who use their integral role as guides to build a support system for students.

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CS concentrators face unique challenges on campus

April 19, 2019 0 comments

While Kendrick Tan ’21, a former Herald reporter, was taking computer science classes, it consumed his life. If he was not working on an assignment for a class, he was thinking about one, and the projects and labs never seemed to end, keeping him under constant stress.

Gabriela Barajas-Gonzalez is a professor at New York University.

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Talk discusses effect of policy, rhetoric on immigrant mental health

April 3, 2019 0 comments

During her talk on immigrant mental health last night, Assistant Professor Gabriela Barajas-Gonzalez, a faculty member in the School of Medicine at New York University, presented a timeline tracking political developments against rising deportation detainment levels.

Former National Review editor stresses compromise

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Former National Review editor stresses compromise

March 15, 2019 0 comments

Former Executive Editor of the conservative National Review Reihan Salam said that before he became an opinions columnist, he was “always a totally insufferable person,” volunteering his opinions.

Fulvio Domini’s visual perception lab uses experiments that involve viewing virtual objects on a screen and grabbing real ones to test the brain’s processing of information.

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Visual perception lab challenges common theory on visual streams

March 8, 2019 0 comments

Participants donning thick-lensed stereo glasses grab virtual shapes in front of them, gesturing as if the boxes were real. The subjects place their heads in chin rests to keep their heads from moving, and soon, green and red boxes flash on the screen.

Assistant Professor of History at Harvard Rosie Bsheer gave a talk on the ongoing conflict in Yemen. She argued that the conflict was precipitated by Saudi Arabian opposition toward democratic movements in Yemen.

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University event highlights complexity of Yemeni conflict

February 27, 2019 0 comments

Addressing faculty and students in the Stephen Robert ’62 P’91 Hall, Rosie Bsheer, assistant professor of history at Harvard, focused on the political narrative of the Yemeni war, the history surrounding the conflict and the factors that led to the crisis.

University Beekeeping Society creates buzz on campus

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University Beekeeping Society creates buzz on campus

February 13, 2019 0 comments

Where would you put a beehive? The top of the Sciences Library? The tunnels under Keeney? How about in one of the old abandoned common spaces across campus that have been turned into boiler rooms?

On the formula racing team, students design and manufacture almost every component of their car, from the chassis to  the suspension, in preparation for the FSAE racing event in Michigan.

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Formula racing team prepares for annual Michigan race

February 4, 2019 0 comments

The first year Coby Benheim ’19 and Gabe Weedon ’19 went to Michigan to race their car, it blew up. “Our freshman year was a rough time,” said Weedon, a lead on the Brown Formula Racing Team. “The car was super late, and then it blew up and all the seniors were really angry about it.”

Omar Alshogre (right) and Jose Diaz (middle) shared their stories of incarceration at an event moderated by Professor Alex Winder (left).

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Former prisoners discuss incarceration

January 30, 2019 0 comments

For former Syrian political prisoner Omar Alshogre, the experience of looking into a mirror after his release from prison was shocking — he was unrecognizable to himself, with bloodshot eyes and weighing just 75 pounds.

R.I. college students navigate politics on different campuses

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R.I. college students navigate politics on different campuses

November 2, 2018 0 comments

When Alyssa Cohen enrolled in Providence College she expected a conservative campus because of its Catholic affiliation. But she said she was not anticipating the difficulties that accompanied her liberal views.