Khleif ’15: It’s cold outside, and not just for students

March 3, 2015 0 comments

But what about the people around us who don’t have the ability to huddle in a campus center or wait in a coffee shop until their on-call shuttle arrives?

Feldman ’15: Speaking up to succeed

March 3, 2015 0 comments

Better integrating speaking into the open curriculum would only strengthen it.

Makhlouf ’16: Miscalculated arrogance

March 2, 2015 7 comments

Netanyahu’s speech is opening one of the first cracks between Democrats and Republicans on the issue of Israel.

Sweren ’15: For sale: the Bannister House

Sweren ’15: For sale: the Bannister House

February 27, 2015 3 comments

The house should function within the community, and it is a property we should be proud of, not one that we should try to pawn off to the lowest bidder.

Rotenberg ’17: Why I won’t miss Jon Stewart

February 25, 2015 7 comments

Stewart and other comedians typify something wrong with satire and discourses on politics that are increasingly viewed as legitimate sources of information.

Mills ’15: A bold step forward

February 25, 2015 1 comment

Last year, CVS underwent some changes. In addition to changing its name to CVS Health, it stopped selling cigarettes in all of its nearly 8,000 stores.

Sweren ’15: Talking in turn

February 25, 2015 14 comments

There have been a number of headlining slips of tongue in recent months, from Brian Williams’ mismemory turned flat-out lie to Justine Sacco’s AIDS joke.

Asker ’17: Conclusions after the Chapel Hill shooting

February 24, 2015 58 comments

Impulsivity and lack of reflectiveness are never excusable, no matter the hardship and how natural it is to fall prey to them.

Suglia ’15: For the sake of science

February 23, 2015 1 comment

We must all continue to try to live more sustainable lives and make a smaller negative impact on our surroundings and the environment.

Isman ’15: Why a winter term won’t stick

February 23, 2015 0 comments

While Wintersession has worked well at the Rhode Island School of Design, Brown would not benefit from a winter term.