Katzevich ’16: The Islamic State: conceived by American hubris

September 19, 2014 3 comments

The ever-unfolding story of the Islamic State can clearly be traced back to American military and economic policy over the last several decades.

Kenyon GS: Baseball striking out — the demise of America’s pastime

September 18, 2014 1 comment

In Cooperstown, the winds of change are picking up; change for MLB, fans and the heartbeat of my hometown.

Feldman ’15: A Ray of mismanagement

September 18, 2014 0 comments

Through this scandal, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has displayed questionable integrity, which has elevated the public’s distrust of the NFL.

Mills ’15: Cut out the cuts

September 17, 2014 3 comments

There is no other nation, or coalition of nations that can enforce order, ensure security or defend freedom like we can.

Makhlouf ’16: Objectivity and its discontents

September 17, 2014 19 comments

Ginsberg joins a long legacy of neo-McCarthyist watchdogs in higher education who seek to perpetuate fear about “Arabs” and educators who defend them.

Ingber ’15: Unsportsmanlike conduct for Rice and the NFL

September 16, 2014 1 comment

This is a conversation about the responsibility a league has to demand certain levels of decency from its players.

Lewis GS: Hatred lives on

September 16, 2014 90 comments

These protests against Israel and this latest column about Birthright demonstrate that anti-Semitism is alive and well.

Blake ’17: Don’t believe the hype: The Ivy League’s not all bad

September 15, 2014 0 comments

Ultimately external factors, not the structure of elite schools, push people into fields they don’t really care about.

Dorris ’15: The Ivy League lament

September 15, 2014 13 comments

Instead of recommending parents not send their children to the Ivy League, I’d argue that the better advice would be to not send your kid to college at all.

Hillestad ’15: America supports terrorism

September 12, 2014 16 comments

If the price is right, the United States has shown that it will support any amount of terrorism, anywhere in the world.