Letters to the Editor

Confront rape with action, not empty words

April 24, 2014 11 comments

The fact is that Brown’s claim of not tolerating sexual assault is NOT a fact, and we have to address that.

Clarifying Brown Students for Israel’s role

April 24, 2014 0 comments

Brown Students for Israel feels that its values and identity have frequently been misrepresented.

Letter: On train strikes and skipping class

April 18, 2014 2 comments

It was close to finals, there were no make-ups and I was on scholarship. With all that, I felt I had a responsibility to get to class.

Letter: Marijuana Anonymous for Rhode Islanders

April 14, 2014 1 comment

During my college days in the mid-1970s, I was one of those students with a budding alcohol and marijuana problem.

Letter: Article misleads on campus consumption

April 10, 2014 0 comments

Health Education offers many programs, educational materials and an extensive web site.

Letter: Anthony, Kelly protesters are source of pride

April 8, 2014 2 comments

I am a recent Brown alum. Since I graduated in May 2012, two moments have made me proud to claim my alma mater.

Letter: Study 329 must be retracted

April 7, 2014 0 comments

While we believe it is the moral duty for all of us to explore and protest wrongs, we appreciate that it calls upon one to have the courage to do so.

Letter: Don’t depoliticize the Anthony talk

April 4, 2014 4 comments

Understanding the nuances of the issue is vastly different from making claims regarding ownership of land.

Letter: Why I protested

April 3, 2014 31 comments

Intellectual dialogue involves talking with another person, not being talked at.

Letter: Faculty, student groups free to invite speakers

April 2, 2014 42 comments

I strongly support the current policy that allows faculty members and student groups to invite anyone of their choosing to campus.