Letters to the Editor


Letter: University’s stand on graduate student unionization

July 19, 2018 0 comments

To the Editor: In late June 2018, the University entered into a pre-election agreement with the campus-based graduate student union group, Stand Up for Graduate Student Employees. This agreement, which followed several months of negotiation, outlines the terms for a possible union representation election among eligible graduate students at Brown, […]


Letter: Boycott Shiru Cafe

May 8, 2018 0 comments

This letter was published in The Herald’s Dec. 6 print edition, but was not published online. The letter is published here in its entirety. The Herald regrets the error.  To the Editor: The article “Cafe to connect students with sponsor companies” published in The Herald Dec. 4 described a new cafe which […]


Letter: Brown’s room and board charges transparent and low

April 26, 2018 0 comments

We write regarding Rebecca Aman’s April 24 column, “Why is Brown room and board so expensive?”


Letter: University committed to Providence student welfare

April 25, 2018 0 comments

I write to correct inaccuracies in Margot Miller’s April 24 letter to the editor.


Letter: University more concerned about reputation than impact

April 23, 2018 0 comments

Last month, a letter signed by roughly 200 alums was delivered to Provost Richard Locke P’18 and President Christina Paxson P’19.


Letter: Help make the First Readings program better

April 15, 2018 0 comments

I appreciated the proposals included in the April 12 editorial entitled “Reforming the First Readings program.”


Letter: Support student art

April 12, 2018 0 comments

To the Editor: I really enjoyed reading Emily Miller’s ’19 April 10 commentary on visual art on campus, “Let students leave their mark on campus art.”


Letter: Question Jeb Bush’s politics, not his character

April 11, 2018 0 comments

In his April 6 op-ed “Inviting Jeb Bush to speak is irresponsible,” Michael Froid ’21 argues that Jeb Bush should be uninvited because his views are those of a person with low moral character.


Letter: Jeb Bush should speak, respect concerns misguided

April 11, 2018 0 comments

To the Editor: I am writing in response to Brendan Sweeney’s ’19.5 April 10 op-ed “Why we must respect Jeb Bush’s right to speak.” I agree with both Mark Liang ’19 and Sweeney that Jeb Bush should be allowed to speak at Brown.

Letter: Consider Jeb Bush’s revised views on climate change

April 9, 2018 0 comments

I am writing in response to the April 6 op-ed “Inviting Jeb Bush to speak is irresponsible” by Michael Froid ’21, who committed a significant portion of his piece to Bush’s climate change policies.