Letters to the Editor


Letter: “International”: An artificial race

February 6, 2017 0 comments

To the Editor: The problems that Aliosha Bielenberg ’20 addressed in his op-ed are absolutely essential. However, “International” is a race. It is an artificial race created by and for the American federal government to legally persecute, oppress and discriminate against the foreign population. Other names for “international” include stranger, […]


Alumni letter on Brown’s response to the executive order on immigration

February 2, 2017 0 comments

We appreciate President Christina Paxson P’19 and Provost Richard Locke’s op-ed on Sunday.


Letter: Response to Smith GS “Is graduate student unionization worthwhile?”

February 1, 2017 0 comments

It was perplexing to see a graduate student list the many ways the University stiffs him and then conclude that unionizing would be a waste of time.

Letter: Brown should go gender-blind in admission

December 6, 2016 0 comments

“Brown consistently admits male applicants at higher rate.” This is an important topic for all members of the Brown community to consider.

Letter: Brown should protect DACA-status students, staff

November 28, 2016 0 comments

I can’t pretend to know all or any options actually available to students or staff currently at Brown under the DACA program or any other immigrant program.

Letter: Brown should follow Columbia’s lead

November 28, 2016 0 comments

Brown’s decision not to offer legal sanctuary to members of the community who are undocumented immigrants is disheartening to say the least.

Letter: Brown should resist deportation

November 18, 2016 0 comments

To the Editor: Colleges have always been sanctuaries of sorts. But it appears that Brown will not be a sanctuary for those undocumented immigrants.

Letter: Gantz’s letter misses many points

November 17, 2016 0 comments

Both as a Brown alum and as a former managing editor of The Herald, it was with great disappointment that I read Monday’s letter to the editor

Letter: ‘Untitled (Lamp/Bear)’ has never been uglier

November 14, 2016 0 comments

Last month, I wrote a letter to The Herald regarding former Chancellor Thomas Tisch’s defense of the University’s acceptance of the blue bear statue.

Letter: Hermano Fortes feature falls short

November 14, 2016 0 comments

To the Editor: “ Hermano Fortes finds family at hockey rink ” (Nov. 11) is a short-sighted, one-dimensional article that was published carelessly.