Dolan ’19.5, Triedman ’20: Ratty air conditioning plans need more accountability

April 26, 2018 0 comments

On April 23, in an editorial entitled “Ratty renovations a heartening sign,” the Editorial Page Board of The Herald praised the University administration’s recent commitments to address overheating in the Sharpe Refectory.


Rivera Perla ’15 MD ’21: Increase undocumented student representation in medicine

April 24, 2018 0 comments

In recent years, American medical schools have publicly committed to enhancing the diversity of their student bodies.


Morelion ’20: Rhode Island must protect reproductive rights

April 20, 2018 0 comments

Reproductive rights, as usual, are under attack. Conservative activists have intensified their efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade and strip away access to abortion through legislation at the state level, both in Rhode Island and across the rest of the nation.


Schilder ’20: Hashtags don’t vote

April 17, 2018 0 comments

Political engagement has skyrocketed since the 2016 election.


Story ’19, Greenwell ’20: Students must fight for reproductive rights in R.I.

April 16, 2018 0 comments

Many Brown students assume that Rhode Island’s status as a blue state — and its reputation for progressivism on the national stage — means that we live in a safe haven of reproductive rights.


Gladstone ’18, Shire ’19: A call for civil dialogue and nuance

April 13, 2018 0 comments

Earlier this week, a group called Students Supporting Israel — which has no affiliation with Brown Students for Israel or, as far as we know, with any student group on campus — tabled outside of the Stephen Robert ’62 Campus Center last Wednesday.


Miller’11 MD’18: Don’t create a mold for Brown students

April 12, 2018 0 comments

As a member of the Brown community for the past 11 years, I have come to treasure and expect the diversity of backgrounds and perspectives that we find on our campus.


BIRC: University should do more to support immigrant communities

April 12, 2018 0 comments

On April 5, 2018, the Brown Immigrant Rights Coalition launched a campaign to gather support from students, faculty and community members to encourage the University to critically reflect on the impact of its scholarship and to commit to increasing its support of the immigrant communities within and outside our campus.


Israel ’21, Rock ’19: Rhode Island needs in-person early voting

April 11, 2018 0 comments

In 37 states and Washington D.C., voters may cast a ballot in person at some point before election day; in Rhode Island, you cannot.


Buchsbaum ’19: Disrupting the path to sexual assault perpetration

April 10, 2018 0 comments

In 2015, Kevin Swartout, an associate professor of psychology at Georgia State University, seemingly confirmed long-held doubts about the demographics of perpetrators of sexual assault.