Gladstone ’18: What does it mean to protest “Jewish journeys”?

February 1, 2016 0 comments

Thursday evening, Brown/RISD Hillel hosted an event featuring Michael Douglas and Natan Sharansky on “Jewish Journeys.”

Pierce: AEPi responds to accusations

February 1, 2016 0 comments

I write to address the unscrupulous and untrue accusations made by Ben Owens ’17, a former member of Alpha Epsilon Pi.

Orkand ’99 and Cohen-Millstein ’98: BRPi should not have disaffiliated from AEPi

January 29, 2016 0 comments

We write to correct some of the mischaracterizations of AEPi in the column signed by Ben Owens ’17 and the members of the newly established Beta Rho Pi.

SJP: A Call to Action: Protest the Douglas/Sharansky Lecture

January 28, 2016 0 comments

Today Jan. 28, Michael Douglas and Natan Sharansky will be coming to Brown for a lecture devoted to spreading “hasbara” (propaganda) on college campuses.

Owens ’17: Why we disaffiliated from AEPi

January 27, 2016 0 comments

Dear fellow Brunonians,We are proud to announce that Nov. 3, 2015, we made the decision to disaffiliate from the Alpha Epsilon Pi National Fraternity.

Girish ’17: Privilege and disenfranchisement are not mutually exclusive

December 4, 2015 0 comments

A person is not defined by just one identity or another, and privilege and disenfranchisement don’t constitute a binary.

Doyle ’18: Grades will not define your identity

December 1, 2015 0 comments

Wear those B’s (or C’s) as a badge of courage. You pushed yourself — and you didn’t drop the class the day before the final exam.

Gladstone ’18: A new low in the Israel/Palestine conversation

November 30, 2015 0 comments

Israel is singled out time and again on our campus, not just for reasoned criticism but also for such extreme hatred.

Beaulieu ’99: Frats vs. feminists

November 30, 2015 0 comments

I hope that my alma mater can continue to lead the work to end sexual violence and find ways to engage new and unlikely champions in this fight.

Shroff ’15: Don’t stop demanding

November 17, 2015 0 comments

Every moment spent waiting for a higher, more secure platform is a moment during which progress exists only in an outdated form.