Mendis ’17: Je suis _____

November 17, 2015 0 comments

Please remember that we — in the U.S., France and any other Western country — are unsafe because of policies we instigated and supported in the Middle East.

Brown faculty members: Supporting students of color in changing Brown

November 13, 2015 0 comments

We are ready and eager to be a part of what promises to be a remarkable, comprehensive transformation of Brown.

Conrad ’18: For the Brown bucket list — Volunteering

November 11, 2015 0 comments

Volunteering with the Swearer Center reminds me of the immense privileges I am afforded at Brown — privileges we all share just by attending.

Galvan ’16: Diversifying the conversation on sex positivity

November 9, 2015 0 comments

Together, we can move beyond consent and deepen our understanding of sex positivity by actively diversifying campus dialogue.

Loury: The political inefficacy of saying, ‘Black lives matter’

November 6, 2015 0 comments

Lasting solutions will come, if at all, only via a movement that successfully affirms the value of all lives.

Jackson ’16: Free speech isn’t without consequence

November 5, 2015 0 comments

While all students can practice their right to free speech, they should also practice common sense.

Rodriguez: On teaching, radical love and community

November 4, 2015 0 comments

I see a robust humanistic approach to learning and teaching as invested in making the world a better, more equitable, more just place.

Tisch ’17: Consider the bunnies — Discontinue Super Heavy Petting

October 28, 2015 8 comments

Consider that the interactions at Super Heavy Petting might not be mutually beneficial.

Seoh ’14: Not all free speech is created equal

October 21, 2015 31 comments

The train of logic that says, “Science supports my argument, so I’m right,” is too easily exploited.

Irving ’16: Let’s make memories, not headlines

October 20, 2015 1 comment

As I am sure many people now know, Malia Obama came to visit Brown during Fall Weekend.