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Med student talks undocumented experience

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Med student talks undocumented experience

October 18, 2017 0 comments

Krissia Perla ’15 MD’21, a first-year student at the Alpert Medical School, spoke about her experiences as an undocumented student.

Medical School gets first gender-inclusive bathroom

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Medical School gets first gender-inclusive bathroom

March 22, 2016 0 comments

The Alpert Medical School gained its first gender-inclusive bathroom after prompting by medical students.

Fourth-year Alpert Medical School students sometimes apply to 50 to 70 residency programs to ensure acceptance into their preferred specialty.

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Med students discover residency placements

April 4, 2014 0 comments

Ninety Alpert Medical School fourth-year students opened letters containing “the culmination of years of hard work” the day before spring break.

Brown’s presence downtown — anchored around spaces like the Alpert Medical School — will grow under the University’s strategic plan.

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Investing in city, U. to expand downtown

November 6, 2013 2 comments
This article is part of the series Launching a Legacy?

Stakeholders hope to see the area revamped, but concern about campus unity remains.

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Med School selects new assistant dean

September 4, 2013 0 comments

Maureen Phipps was chosen to fill the vacant position following a two-year long search.

Elias’ goals include a high level of collaboration between the Med School and the School of Public Health.

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New dean of medicine assumes post

July 16, 2013 0 comments

Former Yale doctor Jack Elias will head the Med School and biological sciences division.

Also located in the Jewelry District, JWU’s new Center for Physician Assistant Studies will share resources with the Alpert Medical School.

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Med School and JWU will collaborate, share resources

April 1, 2013 0 comments

The Center for Physician Assistant Studies at JWU offers interprofessional focus to the Med School.

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New associate dean named for Med School

March 19, 2013 0 comments

Allan Tunkel, current professor of medicine at Drexel, will assume his new position July 15.

The integrative courses would likely be taken during students’ first two years, emphasizing medical applications of introductory science courses.

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PLME to offer alternative to traditional pre-med courses

March 19, 2013 7 comments

The optional two-course sequence will emphasize biology while integrating physics and chemistry.

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Med School earns renewed accreditation

March 8, 2013 0 comments

Alpert Medical School passed with no citations and was praised for its scholarly programs.