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Meir, Skripochka and Almansoori will fly to the International Space Station in an act of international cooperation. The team will stay on the ISS for six months, and Meir will help conduct various experiments.

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Meir ’99 departs on mission to International Space Station

September 25, 2019 0 comments

Minutes before 10 a.m. lectures begin today, astronaut Jessica Meir ’99 will soar through the atmosphere and rocket into space toward the International Space Station. Her first-ever space flight will depart from Kazakhstan at 9:57 a.m. EST.

While at the University, Meir studied biology, took flight lessons and played in the pit for theater performances.  She cited Professor of Biology Kenneth Miller as an early influence in her scientific career.

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Astronaut Jessica Meir ’99 scheduled for first space voyage

April 25, 2019 0 comments

NASA Astronaut Jessica Meir ’99 will blast through Earth’s atmosphere Sept. 25 in her first ever space flight, propelling into six months of orbit on the International Space Station.

Former astronaut Jeff Hoffman speaks at Space Horizons conference titled “A Century in Space: Designing 2056.” The event speakers ranged from astronauts to researchers to academic scholars.

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‘Space Horizons’ boosts research for life beyond earth

February 5, 2019 0 comments

In a seemingly endless expanse of darkness, planets orbit around shining stars and an invisible frontier awaits exploration, begging a number of questions: How far has prior knowledge guided us? How much further can latest advancements take us, and how long could we survive in space?

The Jezero Crater proves to be a promising site for exploration due to its geographic location. The crater lies at the edge of the Isidis Basin, sits on the volcanic plain Syrtis Major and is intersected by fractures known as the Nili Fossae.

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Jezero Crater selected as Mars 2020 mission landing site

November 29, 2018 0 comments

Following the announcement of the program nearly six years ago, the Mars 2020 rover mission has selected the Jezero Crater as its landing site.

The satellite, outfitted with LED lights, passes over Providence twice a day. Soon, residents will be able to see the flashing lights in the night sky.

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Student-launched satellite successfully orbits earth

September 12, 2018 0 comments

Since its successful launch and deployment earlier this year, the Brown Space Engineering’s EQUiSat cube satellite has been continuously transmitting information down to Providence.

EQUiSat was launched into space early Monday morning on a rocket headed for the International Space Station. The satellite is equipped with an LED light that will allow people to see it from Earth.

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Student-built satellite launches into space

May 24, 2018 0 comments

The night before their satellite was launched into space aboard a NASA rocket, past and present members of Brown Space Engineering gathered to celebrate the last seven years with a cookout, said Anand Lalwani ’18, leader of the group’s team in charge of solar power and battery construction.

Professor brings international science to University

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Professor brings international science to University

April 1, 2018 0 comments

In the midst of the Cold War, the Soviet Union and the United States competed in virtually every arena, each power vying for the political, economic and military advantage.

EQUiSat to launch into space May 9

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EQUiSat to launch into space May 9

March 21, 2018 3 comments

Since its conception nearly seven years ago, a continuously revolving group of University undergraduates has been diligently working to send a satellite into space.

Mineralogy found on moon’s South Pole-Aitken basin provides evidence for mantle and volcanic material on the lunar surface, according to a study by University researchers.

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Scientists map mineralogy of large lunar basin

March 6, 2018 0 comments

University researchers recently published a study examining the mineralogy of the moon’s South Pole-Aitken basin, which could serve as guidance for future explorations on the moon.

Researchers measure masses of material distributed in Earth’s mantle

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Researchers measure masses of material distributed in Earth’s mantle

November 29, 2017 0 comments

The Earth is a dynamic system, constantly in motion both above and below its surface.