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Gordon ’14: Kelly protesters empowered the voiceless

November 4, 2013 8 comments

The thought process of those who dismiss the shouting down of New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly as “inarticulate” or “myopic” is fundamentally shallow.

Letters to the Editor

Letters: Kelly was not silenced

November 4, 2013 3 comments

There is a long, honorable history of disruptive protest that is part of the tradition of political democracy.

Letters to the Editor

Letters: Protest blocked free speech

November 4, 2013 0 comments

I strongly oppose stop-and-frisk. Notwithstanding this opinion, I abhor behavior that prevents a speaker at Brown from expressing his or her views.

Letters to the Editor

Letters: More respond to Ray Kelly controversy

November 1, 2013 17 comments

More members of the Brown community have responded to the controversy around Ray Kelly’s lecture and its cancellation.

The panel delved into the historical context of stop-and-frisk in hopes of fostering productive discussion within the community.

University News

Teach-in addresses racial implications of policing practices

November 1, 2013 12 comments

In the wake of Ray Kelly’s canceled lecture, five faculty members examine issues like stop-and-frisk.


Miller ’70 P’02: Fascism and the open campus

October 31, 2013 170 comments

The crowd who silenced a speaker yesterday accomplished a step towards a closed campus where mob rule determines who can speak and who will be shouted down.


Editorial: The way we were

October 31, 2013 9 comments

All students at Brown who wish to have their voices heard should be safe, and feel safe, but they may not necessarily be comfortable.


Hare ’14: Solidarity against Kelly undermines U.’s credibility

October 31, 2013 8 comments

It is unfair and childish to simply discount a valuable opportunity to learn about an effective but imperfect system as a promulgation of white supremacy.

Letters to the Editor

Letters: Community responses to Kelly lecture cancellation continue

October 31, 2013 2 comments

Community members send in more letters to the editor about the cancelation of Ray Kelly’s lecture Tuesday.

President Christina Paxson stressed the importance of open discussion and tolerance for all opinions at last night’s community event.

University News

Hundreds assemble to confront Kelly controversy

October 31, 2013 117 comments

Community members grappled with free speech and race in the wake of the canceled lecture.