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Roger Williams Park and Zoo

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Roger Williams Park and Zoo1000 Elmwood Ave.Providence785.3510

The Roger Williams Park and Zoo is superior to all other childish diversions in the Ocean State not just because it has a petting zoo, a planetarium and an enigmatic “temple to music.” The park is also home to – wonder of all wonders – a carousel! Even better than that, admission to the zoo is free for Providence residents the first Saturday of every month, and honestly, I can’t imagine anything better for getting over that hangover than chilling on the gorgeous grounds, strolling around the rose garden and maybe popping inside the zoo to hang with the giraffes or the penguins. My favorites are the tiny monkeys in Tropical America. Check them out – they are so awesome.

Sadly, the zoo’s main attraction in earlier years, the polar bear, died recently, but don’t let that stop you from frolicking like a 5-year-old. Roger Williams Park and Zoo also has all kinds of somewhat fascinating exhibits donated by people whose names retain a very distinct elementary school charm. If you like feeling like you’re on an elementary school field trip and enjoy the possibility of seeing animals participating in excretory activities, this is definitely the place to be.

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