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Diamonds and coal

Friday, October 20, 2006

A cubic zirconium to King Abdullah II, who is commissioning a prep school in Jordan modeled after his American alma mater, Deerfield Academy. Though we like the idea, we wonder if tuition covers weekly airfare from the Middle East to Massachusetts – we’re pretty sure you can’t replicate the Deerfield experience without weekends at the Vineyard.

Coal to Sen. Barack Obama, who specifically requested to deliver his speech in a smaller venue so as to “engage students and have a dialogue with them,” according to Taubman Center Director Darrell West. Perhaps Obama would’ve reconsidered had he attended just one Engin 9 discussion section.

A diamond to the first-year who, in a recent interview with The Herald, praised the availability of condoms on RCs’ doors by noting that she could “take a condom and pay later.” It’s unfortunate that those first-years unable to scrounge up 15 cents in the wee hours will likely later in other ways.

Coal to former Brown President Henry Wriston, who referred to the University’s 1950s physical expansion as “the greatest slum clearance since Sherman burned Atlanta.” Last time we checked, comparing construction projects – and, well, most things – to destructive military campaigns makes for bad publicity.

A diamond to Kathryn Moos ’07, who helped lead the soccer team to a win in Wednesday’s game. Not for your recent hat trick, but because your name is both the name of an animal and the sound an animal makes.

A diamond to UCS’ Admissions and Student Services Committee, which announced Wednesday an initiative that will allow students to borrow board games from the Student Activities Office. Who needs legitimacy when there is Twister to be played?

We would give a diamond to Rhode Island tax credits that bring Hollywood movie and TV crews to Providence, but anything that draws Fred Durst to the Ocean State deserves nothing but coal. Sigh… why can’t Seth Cohen shoot on location?

And lastly, coal to yesterday’s e-mail malfunction, which forced us to plan our day without any help from Morning Mail. And coal to the fact that we can hear Ellen Waite-Franzen laughing all the way from Hanover.

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