RI primary elections held today

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rhode Island’s primary election will be held today, though no elections in Brown’s district are seriously contested. The election covers state offices and state representation in the U.S. Congress.

Only the Democratic race for U.S. Senator is contested in Brown’s district, District 3. Christopher Young faces incumbent Sen. Jack Reed, though Reed’s seat is considered safe, according to Matt Jerzyk ’99, founder of the liberal political blog Rhode Island’s Future.

Brown students who have been registered to vote in Rhode Island for 30 days are eligible to vote. Voting will be held in the lobby of the Salomon Center from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

In nearby District 2, incumbent General Assembly Rep. David Segal is being challenged by Richard Rodi, though Segal is expected to win by a “wide margin,” Jerzyk said.

“The Segal campaign is one of the most well-organized campaigns I’ve seen in this city in a long time,” Jerzyk said.

In Districts 10 and 11, also near campus, incumbent representatives Tom Slater and Grace Diaz are both being challenged. Brown students have worked closely with Slater and Diaz on the Medical Marijuana Act and on immigrant rights, respectively, Jerzyk said.

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