Designate more Zipcar spots

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

To the Editor:

I agree with Max Chaiken’s ’09 claim that the present parking situation here at Brown isn’t quite cutting it (“New parking plan insufficient,” Oct. 14). While the free RIPTA access we enjoy goes a long way toward fulfilling students’ transportation needs, there is one easy step the University could take to help even more: Rent more parking spaces to Zipcar.

Zipcar currently offers four cars from the Power Street parking garage, which would be great if they weren’t booked almost all of the time (including both weekdays and weekends). If the University is serious about providing alternatives to those students who do not wish to park their own cars at the school’s distant parking lot but still need access to one – this might include members of student groups, students with jobs and students who rely on cars to arrive at otherwise inaccessible destinations – it will afford students greater access to Zipcars.

Brown students under 21 can only use cars based in the University’s lot, and because Zipcar’s Web site says it is looking for more spaces in Providence, I see no reason why those spots shouldn’t be right next to the four we already have.

Drew Harris ’11Oct. 14

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