Trick or treat! Here’s a condom

Friday, October 24, 2008

A few lucky Brown students will find an unusual treat in their mailboxes this Halloween. The Brown chapter of the national organization Medical Students for Choice has been selling Condom-Grams to students who’d like to send one to someone special for the holiday.

“We were trying to think of fun money-making things we could do,” said Lauren Goddard MD’11, one of the MSFC members who helped organize the fundraiser. She added that they got the idea from the Temple University chapter of MSFC and “had to steal it.”

Proceeds from the Condom-Grams go toward sending MSFC members to the organization’s national conference, where students will learn about abortion techniques and other reproductive health-related issues not often taught in medical schools.

Goddard said that even though abortion is one of the most common medical procedures in the country, “you really have to seek out abortion training” in medical school. That is one problem MSFC is working to correct. According to the national Web site, MSFC is a group of medical students dedicated to making “reproductive health care, including abortion, a part of standard medical education and residency training.”

The Condom-Grams – covered in foam Halloween decorations, like pumpkins, witches and spiders – contain a condom, a chocolate and a holiday-inspired greeting.

A note on the gram reads, “Someone is wishing you a safe and happy Halloween – because nothing is scarier than unsafe sex!”.

Lily Shield ’09, former Herald Opinions columnist, said “anything that encourages condom use is always good.” She added, “I think it’s a really cute and fun way to promote safe sex.”

Many students visiting MSFC’s table on the Main Green on Wednesday were very supportive of the fundraiser.

“Oh my God, I so want to get one from someone!” said Itsuka Kurihara ’11.

While some students ordered Condom-Grams for their significant others, many ordered them for their friends.

Susan Scavone ’12 said she was sending hers to someone on her floor. “I thought it’d be a really funny joke,” she said. “He’s gonna get it and be like, umm…”

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