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Diamonds and Coal, Feb. 19

Friday, February 19, 2010

Diamond to Student Activities Office Director Phil O’Hara ’55 for promising us all a “nice little kitty.” You make be taking the LOLcat fascination a bit too seriously. 

Diamond to the men’s basketballer who “played like a man.” We appreciate the clarification, especially in light of the cross-dressing ambiguity at Friday’s Dancing with the Profs.

Coal to the students suffering from re-entry shock. It may hurt, it may be uncomfortable — but it is not that hard. 

A congratulatory diamond to BioMed for assuring us that they are “absolutely going to grow.” We’re just grateful not to have to make another Viagra joke.

Coal to Class Board for doing everything “75 percent well.” Three-quarters of the way to Cancun and we would be floating in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Diamond to the 60-year-old Ironman alum. We’re impressed at the challenges you face. But here’s the real question: Can you handle the challenges of the SciLi?

Cubic zirconium to students protesting Brown’s investment in a hotel chain. Luckily you don’t need a ladder to get into Motel 6. 

Diamond to Salman Rushdie, who hangs out in the “lowest circle of hell,” where the parties are better. So we take it you had a chance to check out the partially underground Liquid Lounge while you were in Providence? 

On the other hand, a competitive diamond to the aerospace engineering conference that was “like a party.” We hear it was out of this world. 

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