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Diamonds and Coal

Diamonds and Coal 2/26/10

Friday, February 26, 2010

Diamond to the two-sport athletes who are having twice the play, twice the fun. After all, it is a Brown tradition to play on both teams. So mount those wins and play the field!

Coal to the University for forming advisory councils on China, Asia and East Asia. While we do value internationalization, the different zoom levels might be excessive.

to Professor of Africana Studies and Sociology Paget Henry for reminding us that “we need you to forget about Harvard, to forget about Yale.” We DID — we go to Brown.

A diamond to the deputy director and research scholar of the Hastings Center, who said, “It’s not anyone’s fault if no one gets hurt.” Well, if no one has gotten hurt yet, at least it’s still funny.

A diamond to Students for a Democratic Society. We are impressed with the ingenuity of your cellophane-clad transparency party, though. Just make sure we aren’t seeing anything from 50 years ago.

Coal to whoever is sending threats to the moderator of BrownFML. Why are you trying to eff her life?

A back-handed congratulatory coal to the Undergraduate Council of Students, who held a vote on how to vote. The votes are in: We don’t get it.

Cubic zirconium to whoever developed the pregnancy test iPhone app. We’re happy for your success, but we’re pretty sure it voids the warranty when you piss on your iPhone. Also, The Herald took the test and there’s a “moderate” chance we’re pregnant. Better put a diamond ring on it.

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