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Volpatti ’10 breaks penalty minutes record – on purpose

Sports Editor
Monday, March 22, 2010

Tri-captain Aaron Volpatti ’10 went down in the record books Saturday for the most penalty minutes of any player in Brown history — and he did it on purpose.

Volpatti — who was five penalty minutes shy of the single-season record before the game — told referee Chip McDonald before faceoff not to be scared to give him a 10-minute game misconduct if the Bears were ahead late in the consolation game, Volpatti said.

So when the Brown forward was whistled for a slashing penalty with 4:33 left in the third period with Brown ahead 2–0, he knew it was his chance to break the record.

“I got that penalty and then I said to Chip (McDonald), ‘Was that a 10 or?’ And he goes, ‘Do you want a 10?’ And I can’t really say what was said, but, yeah,” Volpatti said.

McDonald gave Volpatti the game misconduct and boosted his season total 10 extra minutes, pushing Volpatti to 115 penalty minutes on the season, ahead of former leader Ryan Mulhern ’96, who had 108 minutes in the 1994–95 season.

Ten of the top 11 leaders in Brown history before this season were former teammates of Head Coach Brendan Whittet ’94.

“We had some knuckleheads back then,” Whittet said with a laugh. “I’m glad (Volpatti is) the king of knuckleheads.

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