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Diamonds and Coal

Diamonds and Coal

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A diamond to the Senate panel for recommending decriminalizing pot. You’re doing a much better job of preparing for Spring Weekend than the Brown Concert Agency’s Web site.

A diamond to the University for “not shrinking back” when it comes to construction. Just remember that bigger isn’t always better.

Coal to Matthew Tsimikas, assistant director of the athletics and physical education department, who told The Herald that the PE program should “mirror the Brown curriculum.” We’re not excited to take Zumba S/NC.

A diamond to the Perry and Marty Granoff Center for the Creative Arts, which Olivia Harding ’12 called “a magic Mary Poppins bag of art spaces.” We can only hope the next Julie Andrews is made within its glass walls.

A diamond to a “feistier” Ruth Simmons. The red power suit was only the beginning.
Coal to those advocating for a “gay” check-off box on the Common Application — we don’t think Brown needs that kind of affirmative action.

A diamond to the NHL’s newest player, Aaron Volpatti ’10, not that you need it with that kind of salary. You’ll be seeing enough ice, anyway.

A coal to the English Cellar Alehouse. While we wouldn’t complain about a little British flavor coming to the East Side, Molson Canadian isn’t really considered European.

A diamond to spring break. We’ll see you in April!

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