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Diamonds and Coal

Diamonds and Coal, April 9

Friday, April 9, 2010

A diamond to the potential member of the class of 2014 who said, “I think I could see myself more in the Brown student body.” We hope you see yourself in a lot of student bodies.

Coal to the Rock security guard for underestimating the foresight and planning of Brown students. Of course we don’t come into the library smelling like marijuana — you won’t let us bring a snack in for later.

8,800 diamonds — one for each chain mail ring — to the Tech House Knitting Circle member who spent 110 hours on his latest creation. We hope it gets you far with the chain females.

Coal to the bill that would raise the tobacco age in Rhode Island to 21, though it will likely be a major boon to the barter economy on the recently re-opened Faunce House steps.

A diamond to the Providence arts festival, which aimed to “get people into different things.” If we knew it was that kind of “arts” festival, we would have experimented.

Coal to RISD for potentially giving arresting power to their police. Better watch out for people packing paintbrushes.

A cubic zirconium to the 2011 Class Board for having a rough time finding an off-campus location for the Gala. Have you looked at Cancun yet?

Coal to the College Hill ‘Dependent. You’ll need it to match the heat we’re bringing. See you on the kickball field.

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