It’s all in the family for Pitney ’14

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Midfielder Louisa Pitney ’14 led the women’s soccer team in an undefeated week, as the squad shut out URI last Wednesday afternoon and beat defending Ivy League champions Harvard on Saturday. As time was winding down against the Crimson, Pitney received a high cross from forward-midfielder Mika Siegelman ’14 and headed it in to give Brown a 2-1 lead and eventual win. Pitney had a role in tying the score, too, starting the play by taking the corner kick to assist on back-midfielder Diana Ohrt’s ’13 goal.

This week, Pitney has been named the Ivy League rookie of the week for the second time this year. Her contributions to the team have been substantial, and after this weekend, she has earned a total of two goals and three assists on the season.

For her outstanding performance this season, and especially this weekend, The Herald has named Louisa Pitney our athlete of the week.


Herald: How and when did you first get into soccer?

Pitney: Well, I’ve kind of always played, so I can’t even remember starting because my dad plays and my older brother plays soccer, and so together they kind of got me into it.


Your brother plays at Middlebury, right?

Yeah, he’s a junior.


Do you guys ever play together?

Over the summer, yeah we do, we go kick around together. Actually, on Saturday, he scored the game-winning goal for Middlebury, too, so it was a good day for the Pitneys!


When you play together, is it friendly or is there some sibling rivalry going on?

Well, he is obviously better than me, but I don’t know, it’s usually friendly. But I think the scoring thing is kind of competitive. We always try to one-up each other in terms of scoring.


Do you know what you want to concentrate in?

I was thinking probably environmental studies or English. I really like that — one of those two. That’s what I am leaning towards right now, but I still have no idea.


Do you have a favorite class right now?

Yeah, my environmental studies class is my favorite. It’s like international policy — it’s really cool. It’s kind of scary, though. I am the only freshman in it, so that’s hard. It’s only 20 or 25 people — a little intimidating.


What is your favorite thing about Brown?

The people (laughs). Is that lame? I don’t have a whole lot of time right now, actually. That’s kind of nice — I’m always busy, always occupied. I like that.


Let’s talk about this season. You have a huge freshman class this year. How have you guys bonded?

Well, first (Head Coach) Phil (Pincince) had the 10 of us come in by ourselves for two days for preseason, which he’s never done before. It’s always the whole team comes at the same time, but he had the 10 of us come together, which was a really good idea because we weren’t intimidated, and we kind of made friends with each other before everyone got there.


What has been your favorite moment this season?

Beating Harvard, probably. The game had been talked up so much. All the alumnae were there, and they were all like, “Beat Harvard!” And we did. It was the best feeling, especially coming from behind. That was so much fun.

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