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Letters to the Editor

Letter: ROTC broadens students’ career options

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

To the Editor:

While reading Luke Lattanzi-Silveus’ ’14 column (“Changing the debate on ROTC ­­— a socialist’s perspective,” April 14), I have to say I was truly disheartened by his message. The facts that he has loosely stitched together based on his biased conspiracy theory are misleading. To say that the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps was expelled due to its “lack of accountability and role in the prosecution of the Vietnam War” does not make sense. ROTC is a military officer training program. ROTC’s role is not to promote an agenda or play a role in politics of any sort. By having ROTC on campus, we are simply broadening the resources and career options available to Brown students. If the University decides to bring back ROTC, no one is going to be forced to join. Therefore, if you are against the military, fine, don’t join. However, for those brave men and women who decide that a military career is right for them, Brown is simply allowing them to choose that path while also choosing to have a great Brown education. Therefore, if we are truly a university that prides itself on being tolerant and allowing students to craft their own education, then there should be no reason to not see the return of ROTC.

Lynn Della Grotta ’13

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