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Masturbator sighted Tuesday

Senior Staff Writer
Wednesday, October 19, 2011

College Hill’s public masturbation spree continued with yet another incident Tuesday night.  

Mica Fidler ’12 was studying at her kitchen table on Euclid Avenue at 9:45 p.m. when she noticed a man masturbating on the back porch of the building that houses Zenobia hookah lounge. He was not looking into her window, but to the southeast, possibly toward the house next door to hers, she said.

Fidler’s description of the man did not match that of the man previously spotted masturbating several times on John Street.

Fidler described him as short, with dark skin and a round face. His hair was short — he may have been balding — and he was wearing a zip-up jacket with a dark T-shirt and jeans, she said. Fidler said she was unable to determine the man’s race with certainty, but he may have been black.

The man seen masturbating on John Street is white.

Another incident of public masturbation took place Sunday at the corner of Brook and Angell streets, less than two blocks from the Euclid sighting. The man seen masturbating there was also white, though it is unclear if he is the same man who has been masturbating on John Street.

Fidler’s roommate called the Department of Public Safety immediately after seeing the man. While she was on the phone, the man disappeared, Fidler said.

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