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Advisory committee heavy on hard sciences

Senior Staff Writer
Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Correction appended.

Though the Presidential Selection Campus Advisory Committee — meant to reflect the University’s diversity ­— achieves balance among genders and ethnicities, only one representative from the humanities sits on the 13-person committee.

Chung-I Tan, chair of the committee and professor of physics, said the committee should represent diverse disciplines, but above all, the committee was looking for “academic scholars and leaders in their field.”

The hard sciences hold five chairs and the social sciences hold four — leaving a single space for Susan Harvey, professor of religious studies and the humanities’ lone representative, along with two staff members.

There are five Brown faculty members, three undergraduates, one graduate student, one Alpert Medical School professor, one Med School student and the two staff members on the committee. Five of the 13 members are female. Eight of the members are white.

Tan said there are three phases to the Campus Advisory Committee’s process. The first phase is assessing the community’s expectations for the next President — a stage that involves “taking a look at ourselves,” Tan said. Chancellor Thomas Tisch ’76 said the two committees will focus on community outreach through November.

The second phase will be identifying candidates, and the third will involve actually selecting the University’s 19th president.

Tisch said the Committee of the Corporation and the Campus Advisory Committee will work “practically as one” and will accept presidential nominations from anyone in the community.

The governing body of each group included on the committee was responsible for electing its own representatives.

A previous version of this article incorrectly stated the Campus Advisory Committee has 12 members, including five undergraduates. In fact, the committee has 13 members, and three of those members are undergraduates. The Herald regrets the errors.

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