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Fall 2011 student poll results

Sunday, November 6, 2011
This article is part of the series Fall 2011 Student Poll

Circle which of the following you own:

Laptop (non-netbook): 97.5%

Netbook: 3.1%

eReader (Kindle, Nook, etc.): 6.2%

Tablet computer: 5.5%

iPod or MP3 player: 67.8%

iPhone: 37.4%

Android phone: 13.4%

Blackberry: 13.5%


Do you approve or disapprove of the way Ruth Simmons is handling her job as president of the University? (Circle One)

Strongly approve 38.4%

Somewhat approve 29.8%

Not familiar enough to answer 21.1%

Somewhat disapprove 3.4%

Strongly disapprove 1.1%

No opinion 6.1%


Do you approve or disapprove of the way the Undergraduate Council of Students (UCS) is handling its job? (Circle One)

Strongly approve 9.7%

Somewhat approve 27.9%

Not familiar enough to answer 43.4%

Somewhat disapprove 5.0%

Strongly disapprove 0.9%

No opinion 13.1%


Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with your academic advising experience at Brown? (Circle One)

Very satisfied 31.9%

Somewhat satisfied 40.2%

Somewhat dissatisfied 18.9%

Very dissatisfied 5.9%

No opinion 3.1%


The size of classes I take at Brown, in terms of number of students, is on average: (Circle One)

Much too large 3.6%

Too large 27.8%

Just right 64.3%

Too small 0.7%

Much too small 0.0%

No opinion 3.7%


If Brown offered a Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program, would you be interested in joining? (Circle One)

Yes, at another institution 0.7%

Yes, only if it were offered on Brown’s campus 7.2%

No 81.5%

No opinion 5.0%

Not familiar enough to answer 5.7%


The University recently decided to lower the number of admissions spots for recruited athletes from 225 to 205. 205 spots is: (Circle One)

Much too high 8.8%

Too high 18.5%

Just right 26.8%

Too low 8.6%

Much too low 3.5%

Not familiar enough to answer 33.7%


My family’s level of wealth, compared to that of the average Brown student’s, is: (Circle One)

Much higher 3.5%

Somewhat higher 20.0%

The same 26.6%

Somewhat lower 25.5%

Much lower 17.7%

No opinion 6.7%


How confident or worried are you about getting a desirable job after graduation? (Circle One)

Very confident 15.0%

Somewhat confident 27.8%

Neither confident nor worried 18.2%

Somewhat worried 28.4%

Very worried 7.5%

Not considering employment after graduation 3.0%


How many sexual partners have you had so far this semester? (Circle One)

0 – 37.5%

1 – 36.4%

2 – 9.3%

3-5 – 5.3%

6 or more – 1.1%

Not sure – 1.2%

No answer – 9.2%


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