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Masturbator spotted on John Street

City & State Editor
Thursday, March 8, 2012

A masturbator was sighted last night on John Street in the same area where a series of public masturbation incidents were reported last semester. 

Julia Kantor ’12 was walking home at 12:20 a.m. when she saw a man wearing a shirt but no pants dart across the street and begin masturbating in front of a house near 68 John St. “It was scary because I was alone,” she said, adding that she hurried inside while he was “darting around.”

“Me and my friends have been joking about how he stations himself outside our house, but I’d never seen him,” Kantor said. “It will probably start being a little less funny that we have a masturbator outside our house.”

Chloe O’Connell ’12 was in the area about five minutes later with two friends when she spotted a man “just sprinting across the street like his life depended on it.”

O’Connell said she initially thought he was wearing skin-tight, nude-colored pants before one of her friends pointed out that he was not wearing any pants. 

He ran through the backyard of 66 John St. taking a shortcut to Williams Street, O’Connell said. “I think that’s his escape route of choice.”

O’Connell said being accompanied by two male friends made the situation feel less threatening.

A representative from the Department of Public Safety  could not be reached for comment.

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